The Christian Science cult is a powerful force with which every evangelical Christian everywhere must deal with. We will examine its roots, founder, growth, controversies and contrast its teachings with the clear word of God.



Mary Ann Morse Baker- better known among the faithful Christian Scientists as Mary Baker Eddy, or Mother, The Leader, the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science was born in Bow, New Hampshire in 1821 and was reared in a strict Congregationalist church by her parents Mark and Abigail Baker. The life of young Mary Baker was marked with frequent bouts of illness both emotional and physical and the infant science of mesmerism (hypnotism) was often applied to her case with some supposed success.


In December 1843, at the age of 22, the future Mrs. Eddy was married to George W. Glover, a neighboring businessman, whose untimely death of yellow fever, some seven months later, reduced his pregnant wife to an emotional and highly unstable invalid, who, throughout the remaining years of her life, relied from time to time upon the drug morphine as a medication.


On June 21, 1853, Mary Baker Glover married Dr. Daniel Patterson, a dentist, who, contrary to the advice of her father, Mark Baker, took his emotionally unstable daughter for his bride. His advice proved to be accurate, for two years later, Mary divorced Dr. Patterson, who she claimed, had abandoned her.


The third and last marriage of Mary Baker Glover Patterson was to one Asa G. Eddy when she was 56 years of age. Mr. Eddy died some years later of what they called arsenic poisoning mentally administered.


The real history of Christian Science cannot be told unless one P.P. Quimby of Portland, Maine is mentioned. If Mary Baker Glover Patterson Eddy was the “mother” of Christian Science, then P. P. Quimby was undoubtedly its “father.” In the late 1850’s, Dr. Quimby entitled his system of mental healing, “The Science of Man,” and used the terms “The Science of Christ” and “Christian Science” for some time before Mrs. Eddy gratuitously appropriated the terminology for he own, something that she dare not do while the old gentleman was alive and her relationship to him was known to all.


Mrs. Eddy wrote a book entitled “Science and Health with Keys to the Scriptures” in which it has been proven that she plagiarized a great part of her work from P. P. Quimby and other sources, and then had it all copiously edited by a Reverend J. H. Wiggin, a retired Unitarian Minister. Wiggin eventually revealed his part in her deceptive plan via a posthumous publication of an interview he gave to one Livingstone Wright published as a pamphlet entitled “How Reverend Wiggin’s Rewrote Mrs. Eddy’s Book.” The plagiarism of Quimby’s writings was told in an article published by the New York Times on July 10, 1904 in which parallel columns of both Eddy and Quimby were published side by side proving that Quimby’s writings were at least a partial source of her supposed “revelation” of Science and Health.


Let us now return to Mrs. Eddy’s explanation of how she “discovered” Christian Science. According to an authorized statement published by the Christian Science Publishing Society of Boston, Mrs. Eddy, after a fall on a slippery sidewalk on February 1, 1866, was pronounced “incurable” and given three days to live by the attending physician, Dr. Alvin Cushing. On the third day, allegedly her last day on earth, Mrs. Eddy cried out for a Bible, read Matthew 9:2, (And, behold, they brought to him a man sick of the palsy, lying on a bed: and Jesus seeing their faith said unto the sick of the palsy; Son, be of good cheer; thy sins be forgiven thee.) and after reading, arose completely healed. Thus the statement claims that she “discovered” Christian Science.


Mrs. Eddy moved from Stoughton, Massachusetts to Lynn, Massachusetts, where she completed her writing of “Science and Health” in 1875. After leaving Lynn, mostly because of the revolt of most of her students, Mrs. Eddy came to Boston and opened what later became, “The Massachusetts Metaphysical College,” where she allegedly taught some 4,000 students @ $300.00 per student over a period of eight years.


Mrs. Eddy knew comparatively nothing of biblical history, theology, philosophy, or the ancient languages. Sources have attempted for years to prove that Mrs. Eddy was a scholar in these fields, but the Reverend J. H. Wiggin, her literary advisor for some years, and himself an excellent scholar, has gone on record as saying that she was grossly ignorant of the subjects in question. When Mrs. Eddy left the community of Lynn, Massachusetts, she was then 61 years old and possessed less than 50 persons she could call “followers.”


Upon the death of Mrs. Eddy, the Christian Science board of directors, in good business fashion, assumed control of her thriving empire and consolidated this coup by obtaining from the Massachusetts Supreme Court Authority for their self-perpetuating directorate. It was over this issue that a schism appeared in the ranks of Christian Science, and after assuming the title “The Christian Science Parent Church,” under that leadership of Annie C. Bill of London, the struggle commenced hot and heavy.



          -Inspiration & Authority of the Bible-

Christian Science, as a theology, and all Christian Scientists, for that matter, both affirm that the Bible is God’s Word and quote Mrs. Eddy to “prove” that their whole religion is based upon the teachings of scripture.


However, Mrs. Eddy and Christian Science have repudiated and contradicted this affirmation numerous times and in reality, like most cults, have perverted the clear teachings of the Bible to serve their own ends. Christian Science employs every art and method of paradoxical reasoning to escape the dilemma with which it is faced concerning God’s Word. They switch terminology around until the terms in question lose all logical meaning, and it spiritualizes texts until they are milked dry of any divine revelation whatsoever.


To the average Christian Scientist, the Bible is a compilation of ancient writings that are full of hundreds of thousands of textual errors, its divinity uncertain, inspiration is questionable, it is made up of metaphors, allegories, myths, and fables and it cannot be read and interpreted literally. And so consequently Christian Scientists believe that it is necessary to have someone interpret the Bible for them. And guess who, that’s right, only someone capable like Mrs. Eddy has been divinely appointed to fulfill the task!


Christian Scientists will go so far as to claim that since they swear allegiance to Mrs. Eddy, that the material record of the Bible is no more important to our well-being than the history of Europe and America.


          -The Doctrine of the Trinity & the Deity of Christ.

One prominent trait of all non-Christian religions and cults is their pointed denial of the scriptural doctrines of the Trinity and the deity of Christ. Christian Science ranges high in this category on the basis that it unequivocally denies the deity of our Lord and the triunity of the Godhead. Mrs. Eddy said, and most decisively so, that “the theory of the three persons in one God suggest polytheism rather than the one ever present I am.” She wrote that, “Jesus Christ in not God, as Jesus himself declared, but is the Son of God.” She then crowned this travesty with the astounding “revelation” that “Life, Truth, and Love constitute the triune Person called God.” And thus with one sweep of an unblushing pen, a vindictive, ignorant, untrained, and egocentric woman banished the God of the Bible from her religion forever. (To refute, see pages 169)6t